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EfA Technologies Seeking for Medical Devices Distributor

Lab-quality complete blood count anywhere in just a few minutes. EFA develops the first of its kind eco-system based on its revolutionary multi channel programmable portable lab.

About EFA

EFA brings the LAB to the BLOOD and not the BLOOD to the LAB without the need for an expert preparation. EfA is changing the diagnostics paradigm step by step by enabling tests which were ONLY available in the labs/clinics/hospitals etc. to be done ANYTIME and EVERYWHERE.

An early and rapid diagnostic is a key to the prevention of overuse and improper medications. Many millions of people cannot access a proper diagnostic due to their medical condition and/or where they live.

Bringing as many as possible medical services closer to them, will make a huge impact on how we manage health around the world. The initial application of a complete blood count everywhere will give results in less than 5 minutes ON THE DEVICE.

EfA also creates a marketplace for developers, partners and researches adding health-apps for various conditions and future diagnostic needs. EfA's RevDx portable device realtime analysis enables telemedicine applications.

View EFA corporate video

View RevDx product video

View EFA's Medical Director video

We are looking to establish distribution in India

We are looking for a strategic partner to establish a distribution and support activity in the Indian market, certify the product to the regulator's requirements, and establish a marketing, sales and support system for the product.

About One Business Avenue

We specialize in creating business opportunities for high-tech companies looking to rapidly increase overseas sales! We operate from Tel Aviv and Gurugram.

Contact us

India: Siddharth Bamal


Phone: +⁦91-75994-36806⁩

Israel: Eran Kaplan Phone: +972-54-7799426

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