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Lifesaving Fireproof Military Uniforms for Combat Units

A comprehensive solution for life-saving military uniforms that include customization for each soldier and outsourced uniform maintenance

About the vendor One of the oldest prominent companies in the Israeli market in clothing and textile solutions for organizations and workplaces, employs approximately 700 people, and operates two production sites that are considered to be the most advanced of their kind in the world.

Fireproof Military Uniforms

COMBATEX is the brand of tactical clothing used by the fighters of the special units in the IDF, for several years. This clothing is based on in-depth research done to identify the needs and requirements of the fighter and is adapted to him in the most precise way, both in terms of the composition of the fabric, the functionality of the garment, comfort and quality.

The uniform is made of unique materials that provide protection against fire during combat. The uniform is lightweight, anti-bacterial, prevents unpleasant odors and dries quickly - and may save your life when needed.

We Are Looking for Strategic Partners

We are looking to establish a joint venture with a solutions provider in the military field with proven experience working and promoting products for the military.

About One Business Avenue

We specialize in creating business opportunities for high-tech companies looking to rapidly increase overseas sales! We operate from Tel Aviv and Gurugram.

Contact us

India: Siddharth Bamal


Phone: +⁦91-75994-36806⁩

Israel: Eran Kaplan Phone: +972-54-7799426

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